A particular section of the art loving society has requested to make us put up nude paintings for sale on our website and we have just done that to satisfy them , here is a little bit of information about Nude Paintings.

Arte Nuda means plain art or naked art, or just an art in Italian. Arte Nuda is also a celebration of beauty of human form. Under this art the principal subject is the human body. Not only in this era has it also been into existence through the prehistoric paintings. Male nudity was a common antiquing in Ancient Greek but today Female nudity is highly regarded by artists.

 Painting techniques and art making involves the highest quality of oil painting, brushes, canvas, painting medium, glazing, antiques & craquelure varnish  with museum quality frames. Nowadays social attitudes have changed drastically so have their notion towards art. People have started understanding and stopped fighting over the appearance of this art.

In fact Renaissance artist Michelangelo was the artists to bring nude paintings into limelight showing that admiration can be done on human physical appearance too. 1800’s justified female nudity as Greco- Roman goddess “Venus”. Ancient Greek deities depicted male nudity as a symbol of heroism.

 Around the world there are so many pictures and sculptures of nudity and semi nudity. Artists say that semi nudity is much of an attraction compared to the other. Children’s become subjects to great artists too. shows the sexual independence, innocence and thoughtfulness through their pieces of nude paintings. Display the prominence of nudity by selecting our finest pieces.