Tanjore paintings which is one of the most famous Indian forms of art is getting a great response and you can find varieties of tanjore paintings for sale in our website.

Tanjore is a place 350 kms away from Chennai (present) capital of state Tamil nadu and Tanjore painting draws its origin from here. During the rule of Vijanagara Dynasty 1600 AD , Tanjore remained a capital for arts , people were encouraged on their knowledge towards classical dance, music and literature in both languages Tamil and Telugu. Tanjore paintings are known for their richness and choice of vivid colors, their vibrant coloring, dash of gold, pearls and stones surely make them a stunning décor.

Subject matter mainly was figurative images according to Hindu mythology God images like Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi, Parvathi, Krishna, Ganesh and Shiva. Making a such exquisite pieces involve step by step procedures, in simple words they can be explained as under.

Firstly sketching is done on base(piece of wood), secondly chalk powder or zinc oxide is applied over it, jewels and stones are joined by lace or thread, Muk plays the important role of giving an embossed effect. Finishing touch is given by gold paper in relevant places.

Picking gold paper according to varying finishes is essential too. Classic and Embossed need high quality glittering gold paper by then ancient needs the look of being aged so less glossy paper can be selected.Buyonlinepaintings.com gives you on a special rate, room decors or gift purposes it solves it all. Select and welcome the Indian heritage today.